This unit fits Jeeps 2003 to 2011 with the 42RLE automatic overdrive transmission. This new reduction unit replaces the stock 42RLE tailhousing with a 6 gear planetary reduction box featuring a 2.72 low range. This is a true bolt-in doubler that couples to the stock Jeep transfer case or an existing Atlas transfer case.

The RubiCrawler increases our available gear ratios allowing you to gear your Jeep to the terrain in which you’re wheeling on. The various ratios will allow you more control of the vehicle which results in extreme off road performance while maintaining a fun and safe offroading experience.
       Ratios with a Stock New Process 231/241 are a 2.72:1 and a 7.40:1
       Ratios with a Stock NP Rocktrac are a 2.72:1, 4.0:1 and a 10.88:1

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