26-3550R : Remanufactured - NV3550 Transmission (#26-3550R)

26-3550R : Remanufactured - NV3550 Transmission

26-3550R : Remanufactured - NV3550 Transmission

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These remanufactured NV3550 are a great transmission upgrade for the Jeep YJ’s with the Peugeot 5 speed, or they are a great transmission for the early Bronco’s, plus numerous other applications.

NV3550 transmissions have a 90 day warranty from time of shipping.
The NV3550 5 speed is rated at 300 ft./lbs. at 7200 GVW. The weight of this 5 speed is 97 lbs. The NV3550 transmission can be used as a Peugeot replacement or a 1980 to 1986 Jeep transmission replacement. 
NOTE: These transmissions are special order. Please allow 7-10 business days to drop ship once an order is placed.


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by Tony, from Seligman, AZ

Great Early Bronco Conversion

I purchased this transmission along with the conversion parts for an early Ford Bronco. My comments will also include those parts. I attached the transmission to an extra bellhousing with the adapter kit (712544) prior to placing it in the vehicle and the fit was perfect. A small hole had to be modified in order for the trans to fit to the bellhousing, which only took about 20 minutes. The adapter is well made and engineered for a perfect fit. A new clutch was included to fit the front splines on the trans and a new pilot bushing also. All fit without any issues. Kit 50-9920 was needed to adapt the Dana 20 t-case to the trans. Again all items are very well made and was a perfect fit. I fought nothing, it all bolted right up to the trans and t-case. The adapter bolt for the t-case shifter is nicely done and should fit the stock t-handle. However, I have a Duffs twin shifter on my t-case and it took about an hour to modify it to fit. So, if you have a twin stick set up for your transfer case, they can be made to work with little effort. The crossmember kit 716000, again was very nicely made. I received one different from the website and manual pictures. It appears to be a better, upgraded version that provided a perfect fit. It simply bolted to the frame and trans mount. It is very high quality and bent to shape from a thick piece of steel. It seems to correct the tight fit problems I read about on forums about the earlier version. I do recommend that once the trans is bolted in place to the bellhousing, bolt the driveline to the front of the t-case before mounting the crossmember. Once the crossmember is mounted it seems almost impossible to tighten the front cv joint to the t-case. Several sources recommend a 1 inch body lift to ease install. My conversion fit fine without one, and there is plenty of clearance between the trans and body. It was only necessary to cut about a 5"x5" hole in the floor for the shifter, which was nice since my Bronco is still pretty mint and I didn't want to butcher the floor board. Overall the trans and conversion kit was a perfect fit, with no issues at all. The NV3550 has a perfect ratio and a nice tight shift pattern. I replaced a Ford toploader 4sp OD, with this unit and it is like night and day. I can't believe how easy the NV3550 shifts. One thing that does ease installation is if you already have a floor shifter installed. The hole for the floor shifter provides a really handy access point for mounting your t-case shifter and a little room to reach your front drive line. I then screwed a plate to cover the hole when done. I recommend AA's NV3550 conversion for all early Bronco owners. The fit is excellent, no drive line modifications are necessary and with the model headers I am using, my exhaust didn't even have to be modified. I also like the idea that it fits with very minimal modification to the body. While I do 4 wheel my Bronco, it has been my daily driver for 25 years and I did not want to butcher the floor board. The only thing I will complain about is that you think for the price AA would at least include one of their decals somewhere in the kit for free. They did include however a great manual and Ford parts ID book. You can't go wrong with this kit!